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As national environmental consultants, Wenck helps Minnesota beet farmers conserve resources by transporting beet waste to facilities where it can be converted into valuable compost. That means less waste for the environment and more savings for farmers.

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A Digital Strategy for Transport Operations

At peak season, Wenck routes dozens of truckloads of waste each day, totalling nearly a half million tons per year. Keeping an accurate record under their old system was a constant challenge -- paper tickets were filled out by truckers and painstakingly entered into spreadsheets by administrative staff. There was simply too much room for error, and not enough efficiency to keep up with the operation's growth.

We helped get their process back on the fast track by creating a mobile-friendly web app to log every trucker's cargo and location straight to a central database. With our digital solution in hand, Wenck can now track up-to-the-minute transport data and serve a growing list of clients.

Hit the Ground Running

With about three months before the next harvest season, we had to get the app up and running in a snap. No sweat. Initial strategy work with the client and a methodical UX design process meant that no time was wasted second-guessing decisions. By the time the season began, data was getting delivered by the truckload.

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Wenk Mobile UIWenk Mobile UIWenk Mobile UI

Keep the Tech Lean & Fast

Good cellular coverage and latest model smartphones are not a given when you’re trucking through rural areas.
As always, we kept our code streamlined and efficient, optimized for real world conditions. Even if connection is lost, truckers will be able to record load and unload weights in offline mode. Once back online, data recorded offline is submitted to the backend.

Help Truckers Focus

With all the distractions of a long day on the road, there's no need for data entry that feels like rocket science. Collaboration between our design and development teams ensured a simple and straightforward experience for drivers.

A high contrast UI breaks the task into a series of simple decisions, while geolocation and error-prevention logic help steer the user away from unintended mistakes.


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