Paperless Horse Feed & Supplement Trial Tracking

Until now, Purina’s sales team was lost in an outdated paper process for tracking trials that left data at the stable.

Together, we modernized the way they capture trial data with an easy-to-use application that is embedded within their existing sales tool.

Better yet, they now have a centralized database that allows the sales team to access and share trial results easily, and the business team to create informed business objectives.

We streamlined how the sales team captures data by creating efficiencies like auto-filling data that the system already knows.

Additionally, we used Postgres to provide fast queries that can scale in order to be prepared for introduction to other animal sectors in the future. We used tools that allowed us to iterate quickly, meaning the app is easy to maintain and update as business needs change.


with modern design

To aid adoption, we built the new application right into a tool that the sales team is already using. This means nothing new to download and no new accounts to create.

Centralized database

to inform business objectives

The sales and business teams now have a singular place to search and access important trial data. This data is being used to monitor success as plans are being made to introduce the tool to other species.