We’re strategists, designers, and developers who make impactful experiences for the web, mobile, and real world.

Foundry workshop notes

People who work here are an integral part of the experiences we create with our clients. We put a lot of ourselves into our work, digging deep into problems to make them go away. While much of our work is building beautiful digital products people want to use, we’re just as intrigued to create physical experiences. How we get there differs every time. We know the way(s); we’ll get you there.

We’re serious professionals who don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are not normal – mostly in good ways. We have strong opinions, held back rather weakly. We’ve made ourselves into a destination agency for independent thinkers who challenge conventions to make things right, and a haven for do-gooder types who want to work hard if only to make things work better.

Our Team

Kurt Schmidt

President, Partner

Nils Hansen

CEO, Founding Partner

Robert Nelson

CTO, Founding Partner

Aaron Free

Software Developer

Ana Veblen

Product Manager

Carolyn Jensen

Director of Communications

Jason Spidle

Director of Product Design

Jonathan Kaiser

Product Designer

Julian Carlin

Software Developer

Kelsey Schwalbach

Product Designer

Leana Stone

Product Designer

Lyric Hupp

Software Developer

Max Marti

Software Developer

Nate Perrier

Software Developer

Nick Colgan

Software Developer

Nik Manchanthasouk

Software Developer

Steven Henke

Software Developer

Tom deBruyn

Product Designer

Travis Meyer

Software Developer

Tyson Acker

Software Developer

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