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Current openings

Foundry is looking for talented people motivated to make amazing things – and make a difference.

In building our team, we find keepers – but sometimes they find us. Oh, hi. We’re different; you’ve been looking for us – perhaps not intentionally so let’s call it a happy accident that you’ve found us, count our blessings, get to work and have some fun getting shit done.

But first, introductions are in order. As thinkers, tinkerers, problem solvers and makers, we’re good at what we do. But this isn’t all we do. Like you, we have lives, and life is good. As part of that balance, work works quite well in our lives. We keep things in perspective while appreciating yours.

Got a side hustle? Good for you if that’s gratifying. Into community service? Whatever feeds your soul. Tired from closing First Ave on a school night? Same here some days. If you like blurring the line between work and play, we’d like to talk with you about that, and more.

Dress code is no capes, please; we can be heroes just for one day because David Bowie said so, but for the rest of our days we’re “just” trusted advisors and mentors to our clients and colleagues. We make our clients look like the heroes, and not just for one day.

We care about craft, including yours. We seek people who’ll add to our culture while teaching us what they know. Come make us better?

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