Consistent Design for a Dynamic and Growing Company

Ever.Ag is a growing AgTech company that serves the food and beverage industry at every stage of the supply chain. Their rapid growth and new branding created a need to build a design system that would adopt a consistent, modern interface design across their extensive suite of products.

Utilizing UX best practices, accessibility guidelines, and years of experience designing digital products, our team created a set of modern interface guidelines.

Using this design system, we restyled legacy products, created essential data visualization elements, and collaborated with Ever.Ag’s engineers and product leaders to implement designs, create prototypes, and develop product strategies.

4 legacy products improved

with modern design

Products across the Ever.Ag suite are being updated consistently by utilizing a shared design system. A common language is created for everyone to collaborate in the efforts it takes to make product improvements, engineer them, and communicate them to customers.

3 prototypes

utilized to demonstrate a shared vision

The team created several prototypes to quickly demonstrate the product vision and assess how new features would be received in the market before investing in costly engineering efforts.