Bringing E-Commerce to Legendary Bike Brands like Salsa Cycles

As the largest distributor of bicycle parts and accessories in the industry, it was about time that QBP caught up to the times with e-commerce.

Together, we designed and built a toolkit that allows QBP brands to easily embed an e-commerce solution to the product pages of their websites.

Buy online or shop local. We made it simple to buy bike parts online or find where they are in a store near you to meet the needs of every type of buyer.

For Salsa Cycles, our partnership went beyond the e-commerce toolkit, and we did a full build-out of their website.

The site features a React frontend with a Java API layer and GraphQL API for the C (Craft CMS). Additionally, we used ElasticSearch for the product pages.

Customizable UI

to match each unique QBP brand

It’s easy to update the fonts and colors to match each brand’s style guide, so they seamlessly fit into the website design.

3 Brands & Counting

have implemented the e-commerce toolkit

QBP can easily implement the e-commerce toolkit onto any of its brand sites and has already done so on three.