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Conservis is the world leader in farm management software, helping growers track field activities, manage inventories, and analyze yields. When we began working with them, their priority was to give growers a reliable way to quickly visualize the multiple data points that can make or break a farm.

Making data make sense

Before we helped Conservis create its dashboard, too much data went underutilized. Our initial goal was to make the data understandable, then mash it up with other data to make it actionable. Growers we talked to needed actionable data specific to their field, their crops, their yield per acre, and their conditions.

Conservis Whiteboarding

Visual/farm aid

From consulting farmers and business analysts, we defined a plan to pool relevant data points and create visual dashboards for each farmer to customize per their specific needs. We took the lead in designing and developing a flexible, intuitive grower’s dashboard with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Each widget was designed separately, some being graphs while others are map-based.

Weather or not

One widget we made saves growers hours of time and effort just by glancing at ground-condition reports from fields miles away, potentially informing a farmer that their faraway field is too wet to work. This actionable data screams that it’s best to stay away today — save that drive for when it’s worth the trip.

Conservis Dashboard UI

Informed ag-biz choices

We spent a lot of time thinking about how farmers go about their day-to-day work, with our focus on giving them daily value every time they log in. Aggregated data is visually reported to tell farmers how much they’ve invested to grow specific crops, compounding over time, with more and more data accumulating to better inform future ag-business choices. For proactive farmers who heavily rely on their dashboard, this means valuable insights are never again left on the table.

Dashboard documentation

With 100 percent adoption, all Conservis growers now use the dashboard, including farms in North America, Australia, and South America. Every farmer is different, and their dashboards reflect their differences. Some rotate crops, some change their mix of crops, but all care about different things that ultimately will change throughout the year, and year-to-year. Seasons change; so must widgets and dashboards. During handoff, we left Conservis with the documentation and ability to continue to make their own new widgets as needed.

Conservis IconsConservis Icons

Trust the experts

"Tapping into Conservis as experts in agriculture, we took care of being their digital product team, their design team, and their dev team. “We leaned on Conservis for everything farm-related – I knew nothing and to this day I’m not sure I could point at a plant and confidently call it soybeans. We were asked to make a widget for how farmers will know when a crop is ready to be harvested. We asked Conservis, how could anyone know that? Well, take the planting date and then take growing days, which is a math calculation based on sunlight, rain, and other elements. What we’d have built without their solid direction and deep industry knowledge may have been useless, but combining our knowledge with theirs proved powerful.”

– Foundry co-founder and Technology Principal Robert Nelson
Conservis IconsConservis Icons


  • Digital Product Strategy


  • User Experience Design
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping


  • Java
  • Angular
  • D3
  • Mapbox
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