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Conservis is the world leader in farm management software, helping growers track field activities, manage inventories, and analyze yields. We’ve helped them to expand and refine their powerful suite of products across the board, from a mobile app to new tools for analyzing financial data.

Conservis Tablet UI

Field work, 21st century style

If the most important data on a farm comes from the field, why not capture it right there? We designed a mobile app that keeps every worker updated on what needs to be done, while enabling them to quickly log their own progress as they work.

With real-time data on production activities like planting and irrigation, all the way to harvest yields and grain storage, a grower can keep tabs on every single acre.

Conservis Desktop UI

Numbers rooted in soil

When we started designing a dashboard for Conservis, growers we talked to needed actionable data specific to their fields, crops, yield per acre, and their conditions. Even when working on planning and accounting from their office, growers are thinking about their operation field by field. To match their workflow, we designed a dashboard with a map at its core, so it’s easy to see how the latest numbers connect to a real place.

Dashboard Documentation

With 100 percent adoption, all Conservis growers now use the dashboard, including farms in North America, Australia, and South America. Every farmer is different, and their dashboards reflect their differences. Some rotate crops, some change their mix of crops, and all of them will ultimately change their focus throughout the year, and year-to-year. Seasons change; so must widgets and dashboards. During handoff, we left the Conservis team with the documentation and ability to make their own new widgets as needed.

Conservis Budget Packet

Farm to (financial) tables

Even for the most successful growers, frequent loan applications are a fact of life in the modern agriculture business. That means translating handshake land agreements and bushels per acre into the kind of financial data a banker needs.

We designed a feature for generating custom budget reports that leverage all the data in a grower’s Conservis account, from fertilizer costs to commodity prices. All it takes is a few clicks to bundle everything into a clean and organized print-friendly PDF, ready to hand off to a lender.


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