Schmitt Music

Tuning Into Digital Transformation

Music knows no bounds, and this premiere musical instrument retailer was determined to break through them. They saw the future of digital customer service as a necessity for success in an ever-changing landscape - so they enlisted Foundry's expertise on their journey into the digital revolution. With outdated "storefronts" and uninformative info pages, it became clear that the only way forward was to create meaningful connections with customers online. This company is now standing firm at the forefront of innovation: embracing change instead of being left behind.

Sticky notes and sketches of Schmitt Music concepts
Concept designs for Schmitt Music website and portal

Composed prestissimo, not largo

The team at Foundry worked diligently to become an extension of the client's team—immersing ourselves into their world, from interviews and analytics on competitors to in-person workshops and technical audits. In eight weeks, we strategized a vision & roadmap for success plus crafted creative concepts that aligned with experience goals and technology needs.

Now they're armed with high clarity about where they are now versus where it is ideal for them to be – also equipped with knowing what investments must come along for the journey there.

Better understand

building a digital identity and unlocking creative potential

Accurate budget estimates

cost estimation strategies to ensure successful projects