From Startup to Scaleup

Vidscrip first reached out to Foundry, asking for help to build a custom web recorder and make live recording easy and accessible for physicians. We didn’t make this happen alone. Due to our combined hard work, and collaboration as the platform grew, we have a continuous partnership between both companies.

Desktop mockup of Vidscrip Web Recorder
Web Recorder Desktop; recording a Vidscrip
Two Tablet Mockups of Vidscrip Web Recorder
Web Recorder Tablet; recording and reviewing a Visdcrip

But the opportunities didn’t stop there

Vidscrip wanted to offer something even more innovative—so Foundry stepped in. The next challenge was to modernize the platform and provide a better experience for users on their mobile devices. This couldn’t be done without extensive user experience design and engineering, which included multiple integrations with services such as Twilio and WhatsApp for SMS communication, Wistia for video, and Xhealth for connecting with EHR systems.

As a modern MedTech platform, Vidscrip gives patients the knowledge and resources to make informed medical decisions. All the details surrounding procedures are readily available, so incoming appointments are no longer intimidating. Patients can walk through the door with plenty of questions and unanswered concerns firmly in hand. With Vidscrip by their side, they feel confident and ready for every medical encounter.


Of patients said their doctor's Vidscrip videos helped them make decisions about their health, medical condition, or treatment plan.


Of patients surveyed stated Vidscrips are "more helpful" than other forms of healthcare info.