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Strategizing the end-to-end product experience

Helping couriers track it all.

Dispatch is disrupting the courier industry by leveraging technology to provide speedy deliveries, multi-channel fleet management, and accurate ETAs.


When we started working with Dispatch, they were a rapidly scaling startup with incredible business growth and fast-growing Product and Engineering teams. Work had exceeded their team's capacity, and hiring was underway, but they couldn’t keep up with the roadmap.


Foundry helped accelerate product design and development for Dispatch. We worked on several engagements to help build UX capability on the Product team and a strategy to refine and plan out a new product line.


We created a marketing website with cohesive company branding and up-to-date product information. We provided a product strategy for a new product line and the team executed and launched that product in just 6 months.

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Where’s my sh*t?

From Customer to Driver to Dispatcher and on through to the Customer Service Representatives, this is the question on everyone’s mind. A mantra, a slogan, and a literal part of the official Dispatch marketing guidelines, this is the question Dispatch answers.

But the answer wasn't always as clear as it could be. Dispatch turned to us to help them design an experience that enhanced visibility into delivery progress for every user.

Systems, heuristics, and data, Oh My!

Analyzing an entire system screen-by-screen can be daunting, but we enjoyed poring over the entirety of the Dispatch system so we could understand it from top to bottom.

At Foundry, our audits aren't just looking at the visuals. Audits allow us to assess application growth areas based on product design best practices. Once completed, we synthesized our recommendations into small, medium, and large-scale changes that would improve the overall user experience of the product.

"We couldn't do it without the dedicated open partnership of our clients. Partnering with Dispatch’s rapidly growing, immensely passionate team was no exception. It was a pleasure to assist [them] with their product to better suit the wide range of user needs.”
Jason Schneider
Director of Design Strategy, Foundry
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From Point A to Point B

Drivers are the linchpin of the entire Dispatch ecosystem. Before drivers can do their job, they need to be able to see what, when, and where orders are needed. The original app required drivers to be familiar with their geographic region, from urban neighborhoods all the way to outer ring suburbs. To solve this issue, we worked with Dispatch to design an interface that places a map front and center in the experience.

The Enforcers

The number one priority of Customer Service Representatives is to make sure everything is running smoothly. With thousands of orders happening simultaneously all over the country, they needed a way to get a birds-eye view of the orders. The system we designed allows them to not only view and manage orders, it also surfaces orders that are predicted to have issues before they became a problem. This approach allows Customer Service Representatives to proactively address problems before they become mission-critical emergencies.

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Fly on the wall

Hearing about a user's experience is one thing, seeing it in action is entirely different. We spent several days conducting contextual inquiries with a variety of users within the Dispatch ecosystem. This critical step in our process offers an unbiased insight into users' needs, obstacles, and behavior. By studying how people work, we can learn how to make them more productive. We can do this without asking them to think about what makes them unhappy with or slow at their job.

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