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Bus Stop Mamas advances equity in business practices by connecting working mothers with organizations that understand the value of flexible working hours for their employees.

Women in the Workforce

It's been widely proven that women in the workforce have been disproportionately impacted by the economic effects of COVID-19. According to McKinsey & Company, women make up 39% of global employment but account for 54% of overall job losses during the pandemic.

As Mary Kay Ziniewicz, founder of Bus Stop Mamas, puts it, "COVID is accelerating the awareness of the issues around motherhood...that prevent us from excelling in our careers in an equitable way."

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Growing and Expanding

Helping products grow is nothing new to Foundry. We love to help companies expand on their ideas and capture new markets. After workshopping with Bus Stop Mamas, we had a new vision for their product that would better facilitate the connection between working Mamas and businesses. Our team took the knowledge we gleaned and created a rapid prototype that could be used for attracting investors and validating work flows with users.

I am looking to work ______ hours per week, in _______.

Our take on the search feature was inspired by Mad Libs!

Instead of a keyword search, we needed to design something to help Mamas decipher what jobs fit their version of “flexible.” Mamas can fill in just enough information to find an opportunity that will fit into their life.

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Introduce Me

The Introduction process through Bus Stop Mamas is unique. Businesses not only want access to contact information for those who have reached out to them, they are also looking for a way to track those they have talked to and others they still need to connect with. Our designs provide a link between job seekers and hiring managers without neglecting to account for the details that surround the many types of “flexible” work styles.

Bus Stop Mama UI
Mary Kay Ziniewicz

"We hired Foundry and the firm quickly assembled a team of experts to resolve our system issue while keeping the big picture in place. We couldn’t be happier with the team and the deliverables, but the truth is, we are most pleased to have a lasting business friendship with the Foundry. We know these guys have our back. And, as the founder, that helps me sleep a lot easier."

— Mary Kay Ziniewicz,
Founder of Bus Stop Mamas


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