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Arccos is revolutionizing the golfing experience by utilizing an array of sensors to provide actionable insights, analytics, and feedback for a better golf game. They had solidified their IoT technology and needed to pair it with their new front-end design. We got them there faster.

Jason S of Foundry team works on computer at the Foundry HQ office.

A new type of challenge

Foundry offers a wide variety of services, and you always get the entire creative problem-solving package no matter the engagement. We are constantly finding ways to hone our practice and work smarter. Working with Arccos, we got to show our skills.

A solution for now and tomorrow

There is never too much data right?! There is if you can't present it in a digestible way. Arccos had a wealth of data but their front-end lacked the flexibility to align with their future vision. Early technical decisions allowed Arccos to quickly establish their proof of concept but held them back from their true vision. An aging front-end with early tech debt increased the amount of time it took to get proof of concepts into production. This combined with multiple repository systems created a complex testing ecosystem.

The Arccos and Foundry team came together to define a more flexible and ideal front-end solution that removes current obstacles and paves the way for rapid future development within the application.

Motivated Moms Mobile UI Animation

Improving Arccos’ Game

Arccos helps golfers identify how they can reduce their strokes, Foundry did the same. Foundry development and project management team stepped in to help streamline Arccos’ repository system. Unifying the product under a mono-repo allows Arccos to more quickly iterate and test new features for their platform.

Making a clean break from the legacy code allowed Arccos and Foundry to re-imagine an architecture that would open doors instead of create obstacles. New components would be SVG react components utilizing d3.js for general calculations. This would allow Arccos to more accurately depict their unique data relationships.

Mono-repository streamlining the Arccos Data Infrastructure

A bridge from IoT to reality

Arccos’ team already had a strong game plan and beautiful vision for their future product. Foundry came in and made it real. Working together with their team, digitally hand-in-hand, from planning the new infrastructure to smashing out tickets, the two teams were able to accomplish an immense amount of work in very little time. Arccos would have gotten their, we just got them there faster.

Arccos dashboard on computer and mobile device, depicting graphs and data for an example golfer.


  • Data Visualization
  • Digital Product Strategy
  • Data Systems Architecture


  • React/Redux
  • Node Express
  • Mono Repository

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