Revolutionizing Public Safety with Versaterm

Dispatcher using computer with CAD program updated and designed by Foundry.

Code snippet and Gem Sleep UI. Check out or work on the official GEM Health site https://www.mygemsleep.com

Close up view of the new CAD design on a monitor screen.

Code snippet and Gem Sleep UI. Check out or work on the official GEM Health site https://www.mygemsleep.com

Products for Emergency Dispatchers, police, and first responders

Dispatcher using an updated interface Versaterm fully-featured intelligent Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system.

Versaterm has been on a journey to revolutionize its applications in the public safety technology sector. They aim to provide a top-notch public safety solution for emergency dispatchers, police departments, first responders, and citizens. Versaterm made several strategic investments to expand its offerings to achieve this goal. However, they had to ensure users had a seamless experience across different platforms by updating their various systems. With these impressive strides, Versaterm is poised to offer a comprehensive, full-scale public safety solution.

Before partnering with Foundry, Versaterm's software had been patched up with temporary solutions to keep their crucial processes afloat amidst the intense pressure of their industry. However, our team at Foundry employed cutting-edge design methodologies, taking into account the brand's previous visual cues and user experiences. By revamping its interface, Versaterm can now efficiently integrate new members to their team and streamline their workflows across multiple applications, creating a seamless and accelerated experience for all involved.

Reduce User Frustrations and Increase Efficiency

Versaterm sought to streamline its array of public safety products and enlisted Foundry's expertise in enhancing its connections and overall performance. Foundry aimed to create a cohesive design system and modernize two critical applications under the Versaterm umbrella. With a focus on emergency dispatchers, police departments, first responders, and citizens, the engineers carefully crafted these products with other users' systems in mind. Rather than leaving the product infinitely modifiable, Foundry prioritized understanding and addressing user frustrations to guide and constantly improve the applications. By asking critical questions about how users interact with the product, Foundry aimed to create a cohesive, user-friendly system that would truly enhance public safety efforts.

Foundry's designers didn't hesitate to ask tough questions when tackling a complex project. Their commitment to thorough research meant the project's timeline was front-loaded with critical investigations. Despite the additional time needed, Foundry persevered and ensured that all deliverables were met on schedule. The early questions and discoveries helped to fast-track the design process, resulting in successful project completion that met all deadlines.


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