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Sweet Home Healthcare helps caregivers make their living doing what they're already doing out of a sense of duty to loved ones with illnesses or disabilities.

Mindful meddling

Strolling through their office and otherwise minding our own business, we saw visibly weary applicants slogging through prodigious piles of paperwork that seemed to murmur, “so, you really want to work with us?”

There are moments that matter more than others. Good first impressions stick with people – if you get them right and give people a good experience.

Stack of Papers
Happy Caretakers

Making moments

Sweet Home Healthcare values its reputation as a careful steward of its community and wants to be known for helping people while treating them with dignity and respect. When one of our designers called out the painful experience applicants had as their first impression, it got their attention and Sweet Home knew they had to provide a better onboarding experience.

Our focus would be to help improve and enhance both the digital experience and the physical experience, seamlessly melding the two while simplifying both.

Gift of time

By talking to applicants and HR about their pain points, we helped transform a grueling four-hour process into a 13-minute cakewalk, with redundancies reduced to rubble. On the admin side, gone are rows and rows of file cabinets filled with thick, redundant binders – all replaced by simple, searchable documents in a database at HR’s fingertips.

We went beyond designing the digital experience and into helping them design what the physical experience should be like – right down to the set-up of the room. Large touch screens were installed for a modern feel, easy to use. Kiosks were positioned near reception, but not too near and with enough distance to feel a sense of privacy.

Sweet Home Healthcare Desktop UISweet Home Healthcare Desktop UI
 Sweet Home Healthcare Mobile UI Sweet Home Healthcare Mobile UI Sweet Home Healthcare Mobile UI

How the cookie crumbles

Pondering ways to make a memorable moment, we even went so far as to build in a break when applicants were prompted to pause from the touchscreen to receive a fresh-baked cookie, but ultimately we reduced the time it took to apply by so much that it no longer made sense to include break time in the experience. So, sorry, no cookies – but it’s the thought that counts?

Over 3,000
potential employees have since breezed through the application process
Four-hour process, reduced to
13 minutes
cookies for applicants (but we meant well)
foreign language (Spanish) not accounted for in original scope, but we still launched on time with nothing lost in translation


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