Disrupting communication
in the medical industry

The SophConnect team saw an opportunity for technology to break down barriers between medical professionals and specialists by circumventing arduous communications channels.

Constraints are where we thrive

Nothing says innovation to Foundry’s creative team more than fully understanding the problems space, the constraints and the opportunity areas. Designing for SophConnect was no exception. This product needed to allow doctors to easily connect, provide a robust network, and encourage quick interactions.

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Easy to Connect

A system that allows full control over notifications and availability provides confidence that users will only be contacted when opportune.

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Robust Network

A tool that provides a filterable list of regional specialists to close the knowledge gap.

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Quick Interactions

A design that encourages structured, bite-sized requests greatly simplifies the process of asking and answering questions.

Better Communication, Better Care

There is a need for better, more efficient communication between medical professionals at the point of patient care. The problem however, is that there is a longstanding aversion to sharing direct contact information and conventional digital communication tools between medical professionals are time consuming and ineffective.

Reducing friction in communication between medical professionals saves valuable time and improves the quality and speed of patient care.

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