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Helping grow a virtual education platform through Service Design

Pivot Interactives connects teachers and students through interactive science laboratory activities for virtual learning.

Does this spark joy?

Just like Marie Kondo, at Foundry we love to help sort out what sparks joy and what doesn’t. To us, this means taking a close look at processes behind the scenes and how they impact user workflows. What began as a payment process engagement resulted in the complete overhaul of how Pivot Interactives sold to and serviced its customers.

If you build it, they will… subscribe.

Subscription-based products must clearly define the benefits and functionality offered by various service tiers. At the same time, those tiers must offer flexible options for a variety of use cases. We worked with Pivot Interactives to simplify their subscription model and communicate the options clearly to users while accommodating the needs of high school and college institutions of varying sizes. We built a subscription process that is quick and efficient for users while scaling with Pivot Interactives’s business.

Teacher teaching student virtually

Send them on their way.

Enhancing the payment process may have been at the core of our engagement, but it quickly became apparent that further Service Design efforts would supercharge those efforts. A seamless subscription flow is only as good as a user's trust and confidence in the product itself. The entire marketing site was redesigned to clearly communicate the value of Pivot Interactives and give teachers, professors, and educational institutions momentum as they segue from learning about Pivot Interactives to subscribing.

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  • Innovation & Experience Sessions
  • Digital Product Strategy


  • User Experience Design
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping


  • Vue.JS
  • Node Express
  • MongoDB
  • Stripe
  • Webflow

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