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Being a parent means thinking about a thousand things at once. With the Motivated Moms app, parents can subscribe to an expertly curated chore list and manage, schedule, and delegate tasks to their children and other household members. In dividing and conquering, parents can focus more time and energy on the things that matter most.

PDFs to App Illustration

Expanding on the vision

Motivated Moms started their business by providing busy, overwhelmed moms with a range of printable task lists. These curated lists made household responsibilities more manageable, helping moms to find a balance between family obligations and personal interests.

Users soon wanted these lists at the touch of their finger. Turning the PDF files into a mobile app allowed us to open up a new realm of possibilities for what Motivated Moms could offer.

Simply Delightful

The app is designed to be simple and streamlined. Users can navigate their tasks lists quickly and a variety of micro-interactions help to motivate moms and maintain excitement at getting things done.

At the outset, our design team worked closely with the Motivated Moms team to carefully examine features for their degree of expectedness, performance, and power to delight. We believe apps need a healthy balance of these three elements to be truly impactful for users.

Motivated Moms Mobile UI Animation

We do our diligence

When creating a new application, it is important to not only make it a great experience, but also to make sure the code base is elegant and simple to maintain.

Our focus was not only on packaging an app that could be shipped for our client but also on ensuring the app wouldn’t cause a headache for a future development team to tackle updates or changes. To us, this means having a test environment, automated tests and deployments, and a solid code base.

Motivated Moms Mobile UIMotivated Moms Mobile UIMotivated Moms Mobile UI

"Man o man... you guys keep surprising me with awesome updates. This app just keeps getting better 🔥🔥🔥”

— Motivated Mom App user


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