Foodsby believes catering lunch should be simple — we helped feed a crowd

People enjoying a Foodsby lunch.

In co-creating group ordering, we helped Foodsby improve upon their original individual ordering system by designing and developing a more streamlined user experience – both for the meeting initiator and individuals who follow suit with their specific menu selections.

Fast Foodsby

Foodsby likes to move fast, as do we. Whiteboarding ideas was accelerated by professionals from both sides who weren’t afraid to respectfully question everything so long as it helped us get it right. We wanted to release a fast beta product, then iterate just as quickly based on user feedback through continuous development cycles.

Foodsby Icons
Foodsby Icons

Team up, move in, move faster

When we told Foodsby we’d go even faster if one of their developers worked from our office, their dev quickly moved in with us – and acclimated right away by soundly defeating most of us on our new pool table. We quickly created Foodsby’s first feature set to be built in a new technology architecture. We provided a solid product team and worked as partners to help them refine their in-house design and development processes.

A whole new revenue stream

With a second revenue stream, Foodsby is poised for next-level growth as adding another vertical expands their customer base. Now, diners can discover Foodsby passively when the organizer of their meeting initiates a group order for an upcoming meeting – an easy intro to a customer relationship that they can then further by proactively ordering again as an individual – or for a group meeting they initiate.

Rather than start from scratch, we adapted Foodsby’s user interface for group ordering so it would still be familiar to people who’d previously ordered as individuals, yet the new UI is strikingly better.

Foodsby’s founder told us he believes group ordering will make Foodsby a billion-dollar company.

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Foodsby Meetings Desktop UI
Foodsby Meetings Desktop UI
Foodsby Meetings Mobile UIFoodsby Meetings Mobile UIFoodsby Meetings Mobile UI
Foodsby Kiosk

“The reality is that to build a successful, high-growth product requires working with external partners you can trust. Foundry understands how to build that trust through communication, considerate design, and a strong commitment to collaboration across disciplines. They helped us level up Foodsby.”

— Ryan Johnson, VP of Engineering, Foodsby


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