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Building inventories and tracking data points to inform education policies

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Connected Nation is collecting data to identify technology gaps in schools and using the data points to inform educational policies across the state of Utah.

Constructing a flexible question builder

A one size fits all inventory to track technology in schools would not fit the evolving nature of technology. The inventory question builder needed to be one that could grow to include evolving questions when new technologies are introduced into the classroom. We decided a multi-type question builder would allow for new questions when needed. We designed and built a question builder that was capable of building seven different question formats into an inventory.

Consumable Sections

Just as important as the questions is the architecture of the inventory itself. To ensure participation, and thus more accurate data, we needed to keep the inventory organized into consumable sections. With that, the inventory can be completed over any period of time, allowing teachers and administrators to revisit and resubmit with new data.


The inventory has already been used to collect over 17,000 new data points across 1,018 public schools, and has achieved 100% participation from school districts and charter schools across the state of Utah.

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With the expansion of virtual instruction, schools are quickly accumulating technology for students to be able to continue learning outside the classroom. The inventory enables districts to keep track of data points around technology so that their focus can be on enabling students and teachers to continue learning and educating, while the data can be used to inform policies that close technology gaps across the state.


  • Digital Product Strategy
  • Customer & Competitive Research


  • User Experience Design
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping


  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • Vue

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