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Create bike routes, share with friends, and discover your local area

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Tired of the age old “where should we go”,  Foundry’s avid cyclists dreamed up an app that provides riders with an exciting way to explore their city. Bike Around is a social riding app that allows users to select interests and get a custom ride to share with friends.

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Mandatory fun

Mandatory team bonding event held each year in August, doubles as a useful test of physical and mental endurance as employees must survive sleep deprivation, extreme distance cycling, and exposure to extreme heat and humidity. These skills are required for all roles at Foundry. Cycling is part of our nature, besides mandatory rides we meet up to explore our beloved Twin Cities. Thats where we got the idea for a route creation app that would help us learn about new breweries, parks, and more!

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So, where do we start?

We challenged our developers to create a backend that would parse through the wealth of data provided on Google Places based on the selections of a user. Querying a unique address or store name is a relatively simple request, but for each addtional stop, type of location, and distance to that destination complexity grows exponentially.

Foundry’s development team delivered, marrying the powerful search to the simple and intuitive front-end. The result is a seamless searching and routing experience.

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A new way to explore your city

Bike Around takes the complexity out of deciding on how to traverse your wonderful city. Just select a couple of your interests, enter how far you want to ride and the app will create a custom route with unique options every time.

Once you have your preferred route, share with your friends with individual directions to your first location. You can zig-zag across the city, blast point-to-point, or lolligag on a loop of destinations. Bike Around helps build your adventure.

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Create a Ride by selecting your interests as well as how much time and distance you want to cover.


You can replace certain stops, or refresh your whole route. Once you’re set, just ride to your location, and the app will automatically check you in.

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Sharing hand

Share your experience with friends via a simple code. Riding together is always better, invite as many you’d like.

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Close to home

We created Bike Around because we saw the opportunity in our own community. Based off the people we rode with, supplemented with extensive user research. Our team is always engaged, finding new opportunities every day to grow and improve our community.


  • Innovation & Experience Sessions
  • Digital Product Strategy
  • Customer & Competitive Research


  • User Experience Design
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping


  • React Native
  • NestJS
  • Google Places

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