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Foundry Usability Studio can support projects in any phase from planning & strategy, design, in-progress development, through post-launch monitoring and evaluation. The insight and guidance gained here lead toward actionable ideas and confident decision making.

Flexible approaches

Any of our usability and research engagements can be sized to be most impactful with where you are in your project lifecycle, whether you are just getting started and need a little research boost, or have years of audience data to work through.

With in-person interviews, questionnaires or other audience data collecting methods, we can remove ambiguity in project directions and speed up decision making in design and development knowing that we are not making costly assumptions about our audience.


• Audience research & report focused on usage behavior of targeted topic(s)

With a heuristic analysis and specific usability testing, at a focus or feature level, we can find the areas to target for quick wins and maximize customer impact.


• A Heuristics and Accessibility Best Practice Report of the product or workflow
• Audience Usability Report & Raw Data

Post launch, we can monitor the effectiveness of the current design. We’ll systematically test and fine-tune the customer experience for optimal impact through analytic data reviews and targeted design adjustments.


• An Analytics Report of site activity data
• Flows, I/A, or page level design and development recommendations


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