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Stuck? Let’s work together to drive clarity and optimize product (and team) performance to satisfy users. That way, you can stay ahead of the competition and achieve your goals.

Not sure where to begin?

We hear that a lot, and we can help. Getting started is easy, and we work fast. Think weeks, not months. We provide dedicated time to discuss your current goals, the challenges in meeting them, and the background of what drives (or inhibits) your world. Think about us like a knowledgeable set of ears to bounce ideas off of and a team to translate your thoughts into a plan.

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Think weeks, not months

We workshop, diagnose, and co-create with your team.

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Product Concept

This service helps businesses visualize concepts and turn them into reality. Our expert team works with you to understand goals and challenges and provide a range of potential approaches to get to market quickly. With a focus on smart, efficient progress, we'll help you turn your napkin sketches into a reality in just a matter of weeks.


  • Experts at your side to help you navigate the product development process
  • Your idea clearly articulated and translated into visual form
  • A range of potential approaches to get your product to market quickly
  • A focus on iterative, agile product design and development

Process Review

This service is designed to help companies evaluate and understand their business systems and challenges. Our expert team will work with you to conduct research surrounding the problem, (re)examine your current processes, and identify opportunities for improvement, helping you streamline your operations, increase efficiency, or assess ROI.


  • Experts at your side to help you evaluate your current systems and research the ecosystem
  • A collaborative approach that allows us to work closely with your team
  • A range of potential approaches to achieve your business goals, such as ways to streamline operations or replace a legacy process with automation
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Technology Audit & System Map

This service helps product companies and software startups clearly see how their tech system and environment are laid out, and how everything works together. Our expert team will work with you to identify areas of improvement and help you make good decisions about how to scale and improve your system, and use this map to keep everyone in your world aware of how things are set. This foundation is essential as your team grows and you have more people in the mix.


  • A comprehensive audit of your tech system
  • A clear, visual system map
  • A collaborative approach

Usability & Design Audit

This service is a thorough examination of a software product to identify areas for improvement in organization, functionality, and aesthetics. Foundry's audit process is customized based on your unique needs, audience, and user goals.


  • Holistic view of product workflows and UX
  • Evaluation of how easy and intuitive the product is to use by examining it against a set of best practices and established usability principles (Heuristic Analysis)
  • Visual Design Analysis to ensure adherence to design principles
  • Accessibility Analysis and Usability Testing
  • A list of actionable items to begin improving your product
Wireframe of usability audit
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Rapid Discovery & Definition

Our approach enables you to effectively identify core challenges and develop targeted solutions through design thinking processes. We guide you through a discovery session and co-create to define requirements, so you can get moving.


  • Rapid requirements gathering to accelerate product development timelines
  • Structured approach to problem-solving
  • Identify your target market
  • Define the core features of your product
  • Customizable product roadmaps

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