Working with Foundry

We customize every engagement to only what is needed, but a typical project starts either with a project estimate or Strategy Workshop that loosely follows this journey.


At Foundry, what sets us apart is our unique team and the intensely collaborative methods we use when designing and developing solutions.


We understand digital products, and know that building software is all about trust. We form close relationships with our partners, and make sure our current and future strategy meets their goals.

Power to the Prototype

Over the years, we've developed a tried and true process for designing successful products. The prototype is at the heart of this effort and you'll never hear the end of it from us, but that isn't the extent of our efforts. Through research and collaboration, our philosophy is to always design in the open. When our designers whiteboard, they do so with developers, clients, and users alike.

Beautiful Bits of Code

Our development team is there every step of the way as the projects works itself from concept and definition, to design and prototype, before finally arriving at their doorstep ready to code. By integrating the technical team at an earlier stage in the project, the handoff from the design team to development is far smoother.

Before we start pushing pixels and laying code, we like to get to know you. Even better, we like to get to know who you serve. Who are your customers? What are their hopes and dreams? Their worst nightmares? What are you trying to solve for them? Understanding fosters effective solutions and it brings us closer together as partners. It also helps us to define a clear plan of action for producing.

Session one

Understanding the Vision & Audience

Session Two

Architecting the Solution

Get to Know the Team

We're a close group that loves to have fun. The work environment we've created is an integral part of how we find and keep the most talented people.

Foundry Team Member

Anna Koehler


Foundry Team Member

Claudio Rivera

Foundry Team Member

Max Marti

Foundry Team Member

Kelsey Schwalbach

Director of Product Design

Foundry Team Member

Jason Spidle

Director of Design Operations
Foundry Team Member

Jonathan Kaiser

Product Designer
Foundry Team Member

Aditi Pradeep


Foundry Team Member

Heather Sowden

Foundry Team Member

Seth Goodlaxson

Director of Production


Foundry believes great products start with great design. We also believe that research and strategic planning are the only way to ensure a proper user experience and user interface.

Diagram of the Design offerings.


We believe design should inform technology choices, not the other way around. Because of this, we've learned to be platform and language agnostic in our development.


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