We've joined Medical Alley!

We're proud members of Medical Alley, the global epicenter of health innovation and care.

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Foundry Staff
September 30, 2021

They say you’re the sum of the people that you surround yourself with the most.

If that’s the case with organizations and partnerships, we just added an amazing friend to our circle. As Foundry continues to grow, we are constantly on the lookout for outstanding organizations to align ourselves with.
With that mentality, we are thrilled to share that we have recently become members of Medical Alley, the premiere life sciences and healthcare association in the country. We are proud to both engage in the beliefs of supporting improvement in our communities, bringing together innovative and creative minds, and that great things are being done in Minnesota that impact the world.

Medical Alley is The Global Epicenter of Health Innovation and Care®, where healthcare leaders call home. Medical Alley is home to the biggest names in healthcare: Medtronic, Boston Scientific, UnitedHealth Group, the Mayo Clinic, and many more.

The region is also home to the hottest new names in healthcare: Bright Health, Bind Benefits, Histosonics, Zipnosis, and hundreds of other innovative companies.
As members of Medical Alley, we are looking forward to connecting with companies and leaders who are driving the future of healthcare, while also innovating their own companies efficiently and effectively. Through such initiatives as Medical Alley Starts, as well as their robust thought leadership, events, and resources library, we will be continuing to grow our connection with Medical Alley and its members.
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