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Carolyn Jensen
May 27, 2021

We likes bikes. A lot. From folks getting into ebikes to casual riders to a former pro-BMXer (can you guess who?), Foundry is filled to the brim with bike enthusiasts. And a few of us are just nerdy enough to share a bit about our steeds.

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This is Benke (pronounced ben•kuh). He's a one year old rescue. He's afraid of big bags and loves cuddling on the couch.

- Travis Meyer

Kuri (Maori for dog)

Kuri acts more like a dog than a cat. She once found her way into a drywall resulting in us having to cut through our wall to get her out. She has lived in several countries, and 9 different houses/apartments with me.

- Per Kvanbeck

Flynn or Flynnigan

At the first glance, he may appear a tad dopey, but once you get to know him you see that his charm is that he is a love-able lug that just wants to be a part of the pack and please his humans. Getting up there in years, you will find him asleep in whatever room the rest of his humans are in.

- Leana Stone

Lou and Winnie

This pair of energetic pups love to bark at seemingly nothing. With kids around and a constant need to eat anything that hits the floor, you will often find Lou with food somewhere in his fur or Winnie with the occasional popcorn bag on her head.

- Joe De Jarnett

Nori, Dee, and Janet

Here’s my cool, calm, and collected bunch. This is Nori (a Norfolk Island Pine – left), Dee (a Bird of Paradise – back), and Janet (a Dracaena Janet Craig – right). Despite their tropical roots, they seem to have adjusted nicely to their Minnesota home.

- Kelsey Schwalbach


Cabela enjoys long walks in the park, hunting for pheasants, grouse and crumbs off the floor. She can nap just about anywhere but she is a champion dock jumper. Flying through the air at the ol’ age of 10 just makes makes her feel like a young pup!

- Sarah Bruss


This is Groucho, my adopted stray cat (we checked for previous families.) He started following me while I was walking our dog. We fed him for a winter, a summer, and another winter, and only then he finally decided to let us bring him inside. This is a particularly glorious BLEP he gifted me that lasted several minutes.

- David Middlecamp


This is Jerry. I mean what else can I say? We love him and are glad he is faring well, even while at our Foundry office.

- Foundry Office


Hunter was found alone in the middle of a freeway when she was 8 weeks old. She’s a year and half old german shepherd/chow mix. She enjoys attention more than anything: from dogs, cats, people, you name it, she wants to be your friend. Her favorite toys are extra small...preferably cat toys.

- Mika Albornoz


Meet my dog. She makes no effort to help around the house, and gets depressed on car rides. Her Olympic level shedding is world renowned. When she’s not trying to get me to play instead of work, she sleeps. And sleeps. Her hobbies include barking at people we pass on walks, removing her toys from the bin and evenly distributing around my office, and tricking me into feeding her dinner twice.

- Robert Nelson


As much as I hate to admit it, he runs the house. He even has his own bedroom and sleeps all day on his queen-sized bed. When he’s awake, he wrestles with his brother, but it’s hard to tell whether or not he’s having fun. He also yells at his humans constantly for food when his bowl is clearly full. He won’t eat if he even sees a speck at the bottom of the bowl. You know, cats.

- Ashley Kim


Together with Io and Callisto (Europa's cat siblings) they almost complete the set of Jupiter's four Galilean moons. We Just need Ganymede...

- Nils Hansen

Rachel and Oliver

When they’re not chasing each other in circles around the apartment, Oliver enjoys sitting on laps and Rachel enjoys biting feet. Rachel uses her extra thumb to get an exceptionally good grip to scratch furniture, while Oliver prefers to serenade us in the middle of the night with a variety of his greatest hits, including “Mrreeeeww” and “Brrrrwwoowww”.

- Claudio Rivera


This is Podrick. He’s a happy, smart, and stubborn corgi with a passion for blueberries (and anything that his grandma sneaks him, really.) He prefers humans over dogs, but he’s pretty good when it comes to the ladies. In his free time, he enjoys destroying toys, harassing his brother, napping on the couch and borking at nonexistent sounds.

- Ashley Kim

Emerson and Noodle

No introduction required.

- Evan Kearney


This is Baymax. We have tried multiple times to grow our favorite herbs and have failed miserably... To our rescue is our new buddy, that helps us grow our herbs and vegetables. With Baymax’s help, we hope to have cilantro to add to our dinners!

- Andy Stone


This is Pudd’nhead. She is a #cat.
- Jason Spidle

I’m new to cycling, and I bought my first road bike a year ago; a Vilano Tuono 2.0.
It’s been a decent entry-level bike as I gradually acquire my sea, I mean, bike legs.

- Andrew Norell, Software Developer

The Fleet | Rad Power Radrunner

These bikes will never claim to be subtle. We are quite the spectacle when we take off.

- Andy Stone, Software Developer

April Ludgate | Surly Packrat

Adopted from Angry Catfish summer 2018.

- Carolyn Jensen, Director of Communications

Originally owned by our parents in college. They would often be seen riding around the U of M campus in the late 80's. In the mid 2010's they rode around the U of W campuses. Then in the late 2010's they rode through Purdues campus. Now they like to ride through Northwestern University and along Lake Michigan. We like to keep these bikes educated.

- Heather Ostertag, Product Designer

Summer Bike | Salsa Vaya

Bought this bike just before starting Prime Academy in 2015. Proceeded to ride it one-ish hours each way, every day, from South Minneapolis to Prime's original HQ in Bloomington. Still going strong.

- Jason Spidle, Director of Product Design

Winter Bike | Cannondale F300

Aluminum frame, single gear, custom milled rear dropouts, and basically as light as a BMX bike. Invariably, I can't resist ramping any ramp-like shapes I encounter. Invariably, I crash each winter. Should probably get a less tempting bike for the winter.

- Jason Spidle, Director of Product Design

Specialized Epic

- Jimmy Brannon, Software Developer

Bonus: My Huffy tandem

- Jimmy Brannon, Software Developer

This is my second old Raleigh frame, finished off with spare parts. On the first one, I sandblasted off the paint and clear-coated it for what I thought would be a cool chrome look. My second-rate finish job immediately chipped off, and gradually became a patina of rust over 15 years of use. I’m leaving this one black and white (the best colors for anything.)

- Jonathan Kaiser, Product Designer

Specialized Dolce

As my first road bike, Dolce taught me the joys of urban commuting, boosted my confidence in my ability to get further distances faster and allowed me to get creative with my routes.

- Leana Stone, Product Designer

Starter Trek | Trek Multitrack 700

I finally bought a (recycled) real bike!

- Lyric Hupp, Software Developer

Hanging by the creek with my bike.

- Nils Hansen, CEO, Founding Partner

"I can finally afford not a garage sale bicycle” bike | Trek Domane AL 2

When you pedal around a steel frame from the 70's longer than it was ever meant to be ridden so you finally upgrade to something that weighs as much as your previous bike’s seat. I’ve only had it for a year so its been used primarily for tooling around.

- Per Kvanbeck, Product Designer


- Robert Nelson, COO, Founding Partner

Ol' Betsy | 2004 Surly 1x1

This bike has worn a lot of hats: off-road scalpel; traffic surfer; daily driver; ice-racing sled. And invariably has been a sturdy companion (and has the scars to prove it).

- Tyson Acker, Software Developer

Untitled #8 | Waterford custom single-speed hardtail

This beauty is the Saturday Morning of bikes: every ride is like waking up with a ton of free time ahead of you; the nexus of potential and realization.

- Tyson Acker, Software Developer

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