Facilitating the financial services revolution.

So, this is what it’s like to be part of a revolution. The competition’s coming at you fast. Disruption is constant. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s also an opportunity to make a difference.

Like all revolutions, the “financial services revolution” is about transformation.

At Foundry, we specialize in creating digital experiences that transform organizations. We can help you create digital strategies and tools that change your organization—and your industry—for the better.

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Financial services is one of our specialties

Why do we focus on financial services? Because it’s an industry that’s undergoing big changes, which leads to opportunities to make a big impact. Here are a few examples of our financial services work:

Securian Financial was looking for ways to enhance their customer experience—and that requires continuous innovation, everywhere. To help accelerate innovation, Foundry created a hands-on, repeatable training program for running “hackathons” (collaborative events where teams use design thinking processes to generate innovative ideas). The detailed curriculum included in-person training and a detailed hackathon playbook.

With help from Foundry, Securian has hosted several 4-day, hackathon where cross-functional teams (around 20 people) work together to provide innovative solutions to challenges Securian is facing. The hackathons have been so successful that Foundry now works with Securian’s leadership to identify which challenges to tackle next.  

U.S. Bank’s Innovation Team has partnered with Foundry for more than 3 years. These engagements usually focus on potential U.S. Bank products. Foundry starts by focusing on the potential audiences for the product and investigating whether the audience is interested in particular features or solutions.

Then, Foundry works with the Innovation Team to develop the user experience (UX) and validate UX assumptions with quantitative and qualitative research. With the knowledge gained through the research, the team fine-tunes the experience. Finally, Foundry leads technical proof-of-concept work, which outlines the technical know-how and skills needed to bring the product to market.

CoinLion, a crypto-currency trading platform, discovered a way to increase crypto-currency adoption and audience success—after they built their platform. Foundry worked with the CoinLion team to iron out the details of their new idea and understand how it would impact the existing platform (now and in the future).  

This project required close collaboration between the CoinLion executive team and Foundry’s strategists, designers, and engineers. Working together, Foundry helped CoinLion successfully modify and launch the CoinLion 3.0 platform, which was a game-changer for their business and the crypto community.

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How We Help

Innovation Services

Innovate with design sprints, training, and guidance from our team of strategic experts.

Research & Product Pathfinding

Get user insights with testing and prototyping—then create strategies, roadmaps, and technology plans to make it happen.

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Bring your strategy to life with elegantly-designed, full-stack, custom software.